Wyldlife gives you plenty of opportunities to have an amazing time with your friends. You will also get to know some pretty cool adults who care about you. With Wyldlife leaders, you and your friends can enjoy being teenagers and experience what life is all about.

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During the school year Wyldlife Club is an hour and a half of zany and unpredictable fun designed with you in mind. It is a comfortable place for you and your friends. 
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About Wyldlife​

What is WyldLife?

The philosophy of WyldLife is the same as Young Life's has always been — introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them to grow in their faith. But, because middle school kids are at a different developmental stage than high schoolers and need different things, we make a subtle delineation between the two.

Talking About What Matters to You

What is life really all about? What direction is my life headed? At Campaigners, you can ask those kinds of questions (and more!) and talk with your friends and Wyldlife leaders. Campaigners is a weekly meeting for kids who wish to learn more or grow in their faith through study, service and leadership. The Campaigner group in your area may go by a different name, but the purpose is the same: taking on life's tough questions with a group of friends and leaders you can trust.

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